Protect Your Face from Deepfakes, Scams and Other Abuses

Photos you've shared on Facebook and Instagram could be used to create deepfake porn, to impersonate you online...even to login to your bank account. You know to safeguard your Social Security number. You also need to protect your face and the faces of your family members!

Start your ImageShield protection today. Find out who's been using or abusing your Facebook or Instagram photos.

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ImageShield® was created to help people protect themselves from the abuse of the photographs they’ve shared on social media and elsewhere online. Image abuse is rampant — more than 1 in 5 Americans say they’ve been victimized*.  Photo abuse takes many forms, from the unlawful sharing of intimate images, to using faces to create deepfake porn, to stolen photos being used in identify theft scams.

What about your photographs?  If you’ve ever shared photos on social media, by text message, or by email, you may be a victim right now and don’t know it.

Start your ImageShield protection today to guard your face from deepfakes, scams and other abuses. We'll start your protection with an analysis of the photos you've already shared on Facebook and Instagram, and tell where and how someone might be using them.